Our mission is to advance our city’s Livability, Innovation, Future, and Education by bringing together public-private partners to address the city’s most pressing needs through collaborative and transformational problem solving.

The Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE operates with the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and efficiency, and is committed to a superior level of stewardship of all funds.

What is a Mayor's Fund?

A Mayor’s Fund is a vehicle for communities to engage with city government toward shared goals, which facilitates a multifaceted, holistic approach to addressing the city’s most pervasive and complex challenges.  There are successful Mayor’s Fund models in other cities like New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, which align private and public funding for community projects.

About the Mayor's Fund for Las Vegas LIFE

The Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE was established by Mayor Carolyn Goodman and the Las Vegas City Council in 2017 as the primary mechanism for businesses, foundations and individual donors to partner with the city of Las Vegas in developing programs to improve the lives of local residents. The fund is non-partisan and is designed to operate in a consistent manner, even as mayoral and city council administrations change over time. The Mayor, City Council members, and city employees do not solicit the involvement of donors pursuant to city policy.
“The multiple causes of social problems, and the components of their solutions, are interdependent.  They cannot be addressed by uncoordinated actions among isolated organizations.”
– John Kania & Mark Kramer, Stanford Social Innovation Review
The Department of Youth Development and Social Innovation coordinates the Mayor’s Fund under the direction of the City Manager.  The Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE is fiscally managed by the Nevada Community Foundation (NCF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, which accepts all private donations and provides donors with charitable contribution tax documentation. The Donor Relations team leads the Mayor’s Fund’s external efforts to build relationships with philanthropic partners and raise private support; as well as manages donor relations and solicitations in accordance with state law.

Vision & Values

The Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE is uniquely positioned to improve the quality of life for all Las Vegas residents by combining the strengths of several sectors:

Multi-sector cooperation facilitated by the Mayor’s Fund allows for a multifaceted approach to solving our community’s most pervasive and complex challenges. Focusing on collective action recognizes that no single organization can make a measurable difference on complicated issues alone, but rather it takes everyone, across all sectors, working together toward a common agenda and shared goals.

  • The reach, stability and accountability of government
  • The agile and entrepreneurial nature of the private sector
  • The proven expertise of local nonprofit organizations in delivering vital community services
  • The altruistic investment of philanthropic individuals, companies and foundations