Mayor's Fund for Las Vegas LIFE

The Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE provides a vehicle for corporate and philanthropic partners to support innovative initiatives and city priorities that improve the quality of life for all Las Vegas residents.


The Mayor’s Fund is unwavering in its dedication to foster a community where attainable housing, vibrant arts and culture, and recreational opportunities are accessible to all residents, enhancing and elevating the overall livability of our city. 

  • Arts 
  • Youth Sports 


Embracing innovation is at the core of our identity as we actively cultivate solutions for the complex challenges posed by social, technological, and environmental issues. This commitment not only defines Las Vegas as a Smart City but also propels us toward a future where ingenuity drives progress. 

  • Technology 
  • Education 


The Mayor’s Fund strives to support Las Vegas as it forges its destiny as a quintessential city of the future, achieved through a skilled workforce, meticulous planning, secure neighborhoods, and a foundational commitment to sustainability. 

  • Work Force Development 
  • Technology 


The Mayor’s Fund places a paramount emphasis on education, extending support from the City’s Pre-K initiatives to comprehensive before-and-after-school programs, youth enrichment, and workforce development, ensuring a holistic approach to nurturing and empowering our city’s learners. 

  • Education