The Las Vegas Community Healing Garden is a place of healing and respect for those who were lost on October 1. Your support will help maintain the plants, flowers, trees, and other amenities in the garden, including the memorial waterfall feature, and will help ensure the serenity of this beautiful garden will last for following generations.

About This Initiative

Strong Future Las Vegas youth employment program provides workforce readiness training and employment to youth in Las Vegas.

Our workforce readiness training offers a seven-session course taught by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and includes resume writing, time management, interview techniques, ethics, and professionalism. Our adult advisors work closely with youth and their worksite supervisors to provide feedback and guidance, ensuring a meaningful and productive work experience.

Summer Jobs

Working for the summer helps youth explore varied career opportunities, enhance essential workplace skills, and establish valuable relationships with the business community for future job opportunities.

After-School Jobs

Strong Future Las Vegas youth employment program continually runs job readiness training, including financial literacy, communication and conflict management skills, and provides a range of comprehensive supports based on youth need. After completing this training, youth are matched with an after-school job and are supported by an adult advisor to encourage commitment to both work and school responsibilities.

Hire/Sponsor Youth

Hire your future workforce today. Experiential learning is an important part of youth workforce readiness.

Youth Sign-up

Explore a variety of industries through intensive case management, training services, educational programs and supportive services.

 Additional Partnership Opportunities

The Mayor’s Fund is seeking community partners who can enhance the offerings and experience of the Youth Employment Program. Current requests include: