ReInvent Schools Las Vegas is based on a National Community School Model, where educators and community partners align assets and expertise in order to improve student success.

ReInvent Schools is an intentional school transformation strategy concentrating on expanded learning opportunities, health and social services, family and community engagement, as well as early childhood development.

Through the use of AmeriCorps Tutors and Student Success Members, more than 8,855 students receive support at 12 elementary schools and one middle school. ReInvent Schools are showing improvements in student attendance, reading proficiency, parental involvement, and reduced disciplinary referrals; these outcomes are leading to promising academic improvements.

Each school year begins with an energizing, motivating ReInvent Schools Training Summit, for the full spectrum of school staff, which reinforces the core set of shared operating principles. Together students and families are motivated and engaged in learning both in school and after-school.

Partnership Opportunities

To continue to grow the ReInvent Schools model and increase support services and programs to current school communities, the Mayor’s Fund is seeking partnerships to:

Early childhood education is one of the best investments in a child’s future. Research shows that high-quality early learning experiences have a significant impact on long-term success.

The city of Las Vegas recognizes the importance of early learning and has already made numerous investments—some in traditional Pre-K offerings and some in more innovative solutions:

In August 2017, the city of Las Vegas opened two Strong Start Academies—Strong Start Lorenzi and Strong Start Alta. Both academies offer a nurturing educational program that ensures the optimal physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of each enrolled child.

Strong Start Academy at the Stupak Community Center opened in August 2018. Strong Start Academy at the Doolittle Community Center will open in 2019. The city will launch the Strong Start Academy Mobile Classroom in Fall 2018 to serve young learners across the city who aren’t otherwise participating in Pre-K.

Join the city of Las Vegas in supporting the success of our littlest learners.

Partnership Opportunities

The city established an ambitious five-year goal to add a minimum of 1,000 new Pre-K seats with 80 percent of Pre-K students passing the kindergarten entrance assessment. To-date, 500 seats have been established.

At $10,000 per student, per seat, an additional $5 million is required over five years to achieve the goal. Additional partnership opportunities are also available to support field trips, portable outdoor equipment, and STEM materials for families to engage in hands-on learning.

Children growing up in low-income households fall behind an average of two months in reading achievement during the summer. And, this ‘summer slide’ adds up—by the end of fifth grade, children growing up in low-income households are nearly three grade equivalents behind their more affluent peers.

The city of Las Vegas seeks to reverse this trend through effective, research-based Summer Learning Academies.

In partnership with local education nonprofits, summer Learning Academies utilize explicit, engaging instruction in reading and math to mitigate the loss of academic skills during the summer months. Students are also provided a nutritious breakfast and lunch daily at no charge.

As our city’s beacon of hope for those experiencing homelessness, the Courtyard Homeless Resource Center provides a one-stop sanctuary. For many homeless persons, their pets are lifelines for survival and important companions. Because pets are typically not allowed in shelters, many homeless persons will choose to remain on the street with their pets. To ensure those individuals with pets are welcome and encouraged to seek services at the Courtyard, the Mayor’s Fund is working to fundraise for a variety of essential pet-related services at the Courtyard, including pet kennels, grooming and veterinary services, supplies and more. At the Mayor’s Fund, we believe that compassion should be extended to all living beings.

The Las Vegas Community Healing Garden is a place of healing and respect for those who were lost on October 1. Your support will help maintain the plants, flowers, trees, and other amenities in the garden, including the memorial waterfall feature, and will help ensure the serenity of this beautiful garden will last for following generations.