Public Art

Underwriting public art projects that build community pride.

About This Initiative

The creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that makes Las Vegas the Entertainment Capital of the World is splendidly displayed on the sides of downtown buildings, in sidewalk installations and in popup galleries.

Recognizing the impact and uplift of public art on community, The Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE is embarking on a project to fund and install large-scale public murals throughout the city, including the Historic Westside, an area that stands today as a monument to local African-American culture, architecture and history.

In addition to improving the economic and social environment of communities, public art is credited with reducing crime and graffiti. Numerous studies in cities across the country cite the impact of public art on safety and community well-being. Most importantly, public art engages the community and helps to create more vibrant neighborhoods where people want to live and visit.

Partnership Opportunities

The Mayor’s Fund is seeking $300,000 in sponsorship to support the commissioning/residency fees for approximately 20 artists.

The Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE is seeking $50,000 for each mural. Working collaboratively with the community on specific locations and subject matter, The Mayor’s Fund will work with the Las Vegas Arts Commission to oversee this project. Subsequent murals will be underwritten as funds are raised.