Youth Sports Initiative

Expanding youth sports so more children can build their leadership skills, experience teamwork and improve their health and well being.

About This Initiative

The proven benefits of participation in sports are wide-ranging—children can use sports to improve physical fitness, mental acuity, communication skills, leadership and perseverance.

According to Paul Caccamo, a leader in the sports-based youth development movement: “Sports are more than a game; they are a set of life lessons… Young athletes learn to work together, acquire leadership skills, get a sense of discipline and learn communication skills… All of these things are keys to success in the workplace.”

Joining a youth sports team is a rite of passage in many communities. The city of Las Vegas seeks to ensure children, regardless of their ability to pay, can participate in these positive programs.

Partnership Opportunities

Youth sports programs are a relatively inexpensive way to engage children in positive, healthy activities that teach teamwork, leadership and self-governance.

A nominal donation of $500 will sponsor a child to participate in a recreation league for 10 months. Through generous donations, the city’s goal is to provide 225 youth sports participant scholarships annually.